Resumes gone wrong…. And they wonder why it’s hard to find a job

pulling hairIf you’ve ever been involved in hiring people, you know it can be entertaining at times.  On occasion, as our hiring picks up, I review a lot more resumes than is normal to help our managers. It never fails to be an eye opener.

Here’s a sample of some things I’ve recently seen from some people applying for jobs….and they wonder why it’s hard to find one!

  • Resume fully consisted of “no resume just a hard worker with forklift experience looking for a chance”.  Here’s a thought, give yourself a chance by putting forth a little more effort
  • Top of resume has intro that describes the person as “consistent, long standing track record of success” and then has 9 jobs listed over the past two years, not including gaps. I guess we all define success differently
  • Person applied to two different, but similar openings.  Length of time in recent jobs was listed differently on each, by a number of years!….hmmm, trustworthy
  • For warehouse position, listed name as “Dietary Aide”….definitely a fit
  • Sent an email saying “I’m very excited about the opportunity as your Nurse Practitioner”….we sell store fixtures and supplies, try again

I know people go through hard times and I’m not trying to make fun of that.  There was a time when my resume was pretty thin with limited experience.  But when you just don’t care enough to pay attention or put forth some decent effort, why would I think you’ll produce great work here?

I know I’m preaching to the choir with you as my audience, but please encourage your kids, friends and others to go the extra mile.  Even if it only makes a difference on 1 of 10 jobs they apply for, I think we can agree it was worth it.

Have your own funny examples?  Feel free to share.

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Getting Employees (or yourself) Fit for Success

It just isn’t the “right fit.”

If you’re in HR, how often do you hear that excuse when an organization has an employee problem that leads to poor performance – and often letting people go?  If you aren’t in HR, you’ve probably thought that about somebody that works with you, or maybe even about yourself!

Knowing how to make/find that right fit and maintain it over time is one of the biggest challenges facing companies and individuals every day.

Since the great Les Landes decided to ask me my opinion, I figured I’d let others actually hear it (instead of reading it) too.  Here’s a snapshot of what we discuss in the area of employee engagement:

  • what makes some companies and managers great and others just OK (or worse) at the what they do
  • why it shouldn’t be easy to get hired at your company
  • the difference between a typical performance review and one that actually has value
  • “wheel of success”- what it is and why it matters at work

As always, I welcome your thoughts whether you agree or not!



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Good life or great life? Your choice.

Quick, name a similarity between highly successful companies and happy people.

There are many, but the first to come to mind for me is that they define in detail who/what they want to be.  Plenty of “good” companies could be great if they would stop being too many things.  Putting aside some potential good opportunities to focus on what they really want to be. The best ones to work for do that.

It’s the same for each of us individually.  Many of us are “pretty happy”, but there’s room for more if we get real clear on what we want to be.  Define it and move toward it, not just think about and wish for it…whatever IT is.

Move away from people, processes and other things that hinder that progress.  Focus on the few things that can get you there. It’s not easy.  It’s just worth it.

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